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About Drishti Kidz Eye Care

Drishti Kidz Eye Care is a part of multispecialty medical group in El Paso which includes Pediatric & Fetal cardiology Associates, providing ophthalmology and pediatric cardiology services under one roof. As a group, our aim remains to provide outstanding and world class medical services to our patients.

We not only believe in providing the most contemporary evidence based care  to our patients in timely manner, we also want our patients to have the best experience overall.

We focus on helping our patients to learn about their medical condition so that they can make an informed decision regarding their health care needs. A complete patient satisfaction is our ultimate goal.

Our Doctor

Dr. Tibrewal

Dr. Tibrewal specializes in medical and surgical treatment of eye diseases. Her clinical and research interest includes treatment of eye diseases in children, surgical treatment of misalignment of the eyes(strabismus) in adults and management of corneal diseases in children and adults. She obtained her medical degree from Maulana Azad Medical College in India. Following her medical school, she underwent Ophthalmology residency and  fellowship training in cornea and anterior chamber surgery at All India Institute of Medical Sciences, the most prestigious and competitive ophthalmology residency and fellowship program in India. She did postdoctoral research fellowship in cornea neurobiology- Dry Eye Disease at Illinois Eye and Ear Infirmary in Chicago. She completed her fellowship training in pediatric ophthalmology and adult strabismus at Oregon Health Science University (Casey Eye Institute). She gained further experience in the field of Pediatric Ophthalmology and Adult Strabismus at Children's Hospital of University of Pittsburgh Medical Center. During her second fellowship, she gained extensive experience in surgical management of  pediatric eye diseases involving anterior chamber and mastered surgical treatment of pediatrict cataract under the expert guidance of  world renowned pediatric eye surgeon Dr. Ken Nischal.

She has authored multiple research papers, book chapters and has presented her research in multiple national and international meetings. She has been reviewer for prestigious ophthalmology  journals including Investigative Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences (IOVS), Ophthalmology and Cornea. She was awarded research grant by the Illinois Society for the Prevention of Blindness for her research work in the field of dry eye disease.

She is married to Vibhash Kumar who is a pediatric cardiologist in El Paso. When Dr. Tibrewal is not with her patients, she loves spending time with her family and being an experimental chef. 


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Reviewer for the following peer reviewed journals:

• Investigative Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences (IOVS)

• Ophthalmology

• Cornea


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